Sunday, 17 January 2010

Omarion's Ollusion, my final verdict

Hello guys. I'm not even going to deal with pleasantries and major introductions with this one at all.
Yes I have had an alright week and i hope your week has been splendid. but the main reason I have came here is to post a little review type blog.

who here is an Omarion fan? hands up (or rather just drop your love for the man himself in the comment box). I will openly say I have been a consistent fan of Omarions since his B2K days, not just because of the music but the guy is a sick dancer, and his career has is one that has been quite boastful. "You Got Served" a smash, even the though there is more wood in the cast than Delamere forest, and two very good solo albums...

now though, i think the little fella has gotten too big for his air forces. and after the token "i have cut off my hair therefore I am a man" move, (executed by a few, Trey Songz, Mario, Busta Ryhmes and myself lol....hey it was a big deal in Toxteth) he has set up his own label, Starworld Ent. and released "Ollusion".

Now I'm not being funny, but my man swerved joining Lil' Waynes "Young Money" label to do this. YOUNG MONEY!!!...if your not aware how much damage Young Moneys allstar roster are causing the game right about now you must be touched. BAD move in my opinion.

and after doing so. the album is a major downgrade from 21. 13 tracks including 2 bonus tracks, one a remix of "I get it in" with Lil' Wayne....good parting gift. Really tho I found the album to be a Parr. Fail. WasteMove.

ALTHOUGH "Speedin" is an EPIC track. it came on just in time and saved me from smashing my laptop over my nephews head out of disappointment. Clever production, shweet vocal arrangement, and a strong vocal performance from O. I put it on level with "icebox". oh and "Code Red" is an aight track. the rest...? er....swag

I guess our next major R'n'B fix is going to be in the shape of Raymond Vs. Raymond. the leaked tracks alone are sick, lets hope its not a "Here I Stand"

do we think when an artists says "I'm going for a mature sound, I'm grown up blah blah" that they are in the process of making a weak album?

your views?

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