Monday, 18 January 2010

is LOVE ever like the songs?

just out of font has changed. let me sort this out...okay just out of interest yeah, I would like to ask about your "love experience", and wether it felt like a love song. Have you loved so much that you would make "sacrafices"? Compare the time spent with your lover to be like "Heaven"? or a love that makes you want to work together like "ordinary people", have you had that kinda love?

I have not. Before you get any ideas i ain't on a "aaaaaw poor baba" flex, one is simply stating facts. BUT i have spoke to alot of folks that are in relationships that have been goin on for years but they do not LOVE the one that they are with. some have even said, no i dont think this person is going to be the one i spend the rest of my life with. is that normal?

i cant help but feel that, if after some time you dont catch feelings for the person you are with, and you know you dont see a future with this person, then maybe you should part ways. is this wrong?

how many peoples stay together just because it is easy, rather than staying because you cant live without said person? that aint love. and what if the person you are with loves you, should you leave because the feeling isn't returned? stay to make them happy? or just stay because you cant be bothered finding anybody else?

so many questions.

As i get older i am seeing that relationships happen just as much as they are pursued. like, we fall into relationships because of a natural order of things. "oh we kissed, one thing lead to another and now we are sitting in a cold waiting room for a morning after wanna go catch a movie then?..." A couple of months later, you are either head over heels, looking for and exit or settling for what you have.

views? answers and opinions...? hit me up.

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