Monday, 18 January 2010

Esco Reccomends u listen!! NOW!!

yo im not gunna talk your ear off, instead i am going to introduce the ear to some of what and who i am currently listening to!

FIRST - grammy nominated super artist Muhsinah! (she featured on the Foriegn Exchange "leave it all behind" album heavily, and also Common's "change" from the Universal Mind Control album)

this chick, writes, produces and arranges like, 90% of her music, and the other 10% she only lets go of the production side of things. she is setting the trend for soul music right about now with a new lease of creativity! MAIN PICK - KOP HER ALBUMS on iTunes

NEXT - rah this guy right here is on some next tip Keite Young - SLEPT ON in a major way. the album, "the Rise and Fall of Keite Young" is an amazing blend of funk and neo-soul - sweet honest lyrics and a major eargasm of vocal splendour! peep this shizzle!

finally...on the last but not least...on a whole NEXT level...this guy is the reason my head is swaying on a regular basis. Meet Borgore. if the name aint familiar. get to know. The Isreali Dubstep wizard/musician/dirt maker/rapper/beat fiend, drops serious sub low nastyness on a regular - also look out for "Cry Me a River" NUTZ!

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