Monday, 11 January 2010

Live Sessions Part 2 - Liverpools NEW A-Team

My first performance of 2010 that I have been looking forward to since it was booked last month was Januarys Live Sessions.

With a killer line up consisting of Joey Seary, Janiece Myers, Kof and Jay Norton, the evening was a special thing. Mixing a fewof Liverpools most talented young artists with a toasty, intimate venue, add the cool host (and artist) Future and a fine selection of music from Mr. One Hundred...and we have a mind blowingly smooth night.

For me as an artist and a performer on the night, it was special. It filled me with a sense of pride that I have never felt before. The feeling of being a part of scene that has never felt so fresh and vibrant. Sheer quality. Each act jumped to the floor with confidence, performed their music in a stripped down acoustic form and poured their all into the mic, keeping the audience hanging on each word that passed their lips.

This was a free event that I would have gladly paid to watch and perform. I have never had so much belief in our city's talent. And the turn out, the support, the mix of people that formed the audience and the presence of other artists only added to that belief. I truly belive that the future ours.

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  1. Sounds awesome mate. Wish I could've made it, but a lurgy (head cold, etc.) got the better of me.

    Next time...